Why You Should Consider Safety Belts for Your Pets

Why You Should Consider Safety Belts for Your Pets

Back in the day, dogs traveled in backseats of cars with one of the backseats windows open. The family trips consisted in making regular stops to give them some water and let them stretch out their legs.

Considering their safety alone, in case of an accident, they were in danger of being flung across the car and injuring themselves greatly.

Also, if we consider that a dog never stays put for long, you can have several problems that include distractions because your pet keeps trying to escape the backseat and you lose focus on the road increasing the possibility of an accident.

A new protection method that is being proved quite efficient is a seatbelt for your pooch. This is a good alternative to letting your dog run around freely in the backseat. It reduces the possibility of you being distracted while driving – reducing the possibilities of you having an accident.

It will also keep your pet safe in case of a sudden stop.

For most people, these harness shape seatbelts don’t look humane and you might fear your pet can be hurt or too much restrained. But even the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals recommends people use dog vehicle restraints.

They won’t feel at ease at first, but like everything, they’ll just need some training and guidance. Start by taking them on small drives, and reward them every time you put the seatbelt on, so it gets used to the new safety device.

A few pointers when buying a seatbelt for your pet: you should always check its quality. Make sure the buckling parts are metal, and not plastic. Also, check how much strength the seatbelt can take. A small dog needs at least 450 pounds of seatbelt strength to be safe when travelling.

You should always use your dog’s seatbelt every time you travel, even if you’re planning on traveling short distances and even if your pet struggles at first. It’s the only way your pet will get used to it, and feel more comfortable. To make it easier, install a pet seatbelt on every car your pet travels on.

Don’t stop trying if your dog doesn’t like the seatbelt – it will take them only three to five trips before they relax. If they’re too hyper, then try a natural stress reliever made specifically for pets. The more comfortable your pet is, the less it will resist the seatbelt. Bring a cozy shirt with you that will soften any bulky plastic.

For smaller pets, use a harness and not a collar, because it can damage the small neck bones of a little dog.

To keep your pets safe, put them some safety belts on. Only travel with your pets in the backseat, in the center. Keep them away from the airbags that deploy on the side of the car.

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