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I am terrible at shopping for bargains. I am impatient with computer problems.
I hate working on my roof. And I hire a kid to mow the yard.

The things I am bad at make up a very long list.

The one thing I do know something about is cars - which is quite helpful when
one chooses to call oneself "Ron the Car Guy." The only toys I ever wanted
growing up were race cars, model cars, real cars and the tools to make them run
better (and go faster - but I'm over that now...for the most part.) That passion
for cars has led me to create, build, nurture and staff one of the most successful
independently owned auto repair shops in the United States.

Yet beyond my love of engines and tires and body frames, I've come to understand
that my greatest joy comes not from repairing vehicles, but from helping the
customers who own them. As a 16 year old mechanic I was all about taking care of
cars. Today, I'm all about taking care of people.

And I still love cars. :)

Thank you for visiting my auto repair blog. Whatever your auto repair issue...
we can help you with that!

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